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hey kids. our time is fast approaching us. and i mean really fast.… - BarStars [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 3rd, 2006|08:20 am]


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hey kids. our time is fast approaching us. and i mean really fast. here are a few links that i've found this morning. perhaps we can ... ok, what i had here was totally deleted. just take a look around what i got.

$1100 / 3 bedroom Westside
Available now. Apartment with three bedrooms and two baths in one-story duplex. Wood floors. Central air conditioning. Large finished basement with full size washer and dryer, common area, and plenty of storage.

West side of Ann Arbor. Quiet residential neighborhood; one parking space in shared garage; other uncovered offstreet parking available. Utilities (gas, electricity, and water) not included in rent. Deposit is 1 1/2 times rent. Quick access to I-94, close to AATA Route 9 bus stop,downtown Ann Arbor, and Central Campus.

Granview at Jackson

I have actually found a few more, but we should probably have another meeting. How about Wednesday sometime around 7pm. It has to be when there aren't any good shows on.

We also have to remember about being hassle free. If Mitten's job continues on, total walking distance would be a blessing. No matter what, living on campus in the fall will run about $400. I know Ginni you're wanting to pay $300 or less, but where. Even in Ypsi...uh, unless you're talking about on Easterns campus, you'll be paying somewhere around $330.

I dunno, again we'll talk about. That one place in Kerrytown...the 3 bdrm for $1050, is still available. Ha, I'm sure we'd become barstars at The Aut if we lived in Ktown.

$1150 - 3 bedroom ranch

3 bedroom ranch, sunroom, laundry room, 1 bath, garage (no basement) large fenced yard. central air. walk to Buhr Park pool & tennis courts. available mid-July-current tenants moving out July 5.

2664 Hampshire at Packard

[User Picture]From: afrodidee
2006-07-03 05:24 pm (UTC)
hmmm... we should definitely have a meeting. could you set up appointments to view those? if they won't do evenings, then I can go view them during the day. let me know
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